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Music Man

Music and lyrics by Meredith Wilson

Directed by Bruce Rogers
Musical Direction by Don Gibson

October 9-13, 1968

Barn doors and marquee 4th celebration

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Harold Hill is a con artist who accepts a challenge to scam the people in an Iowa small town, River City. Using the premise of starting a boys band, Hill works his way into the lives of the people of River City especially the piano teacher Marian Paroo. Given the chance to escape, he comes back to face the music (of the band) and claim the heart of Marion.

"The Music Man" was presented
By permission of Music Theatre International

Leading the Band Indian Dance

mask spacer  The Cast   mask spacer

Charile CowellWayne Cherveny
ConductorRoy Kempf
Harold HillWarren Andreas
Mayor ShinnGeorge Markel
Ewart DunlopGeorge Hassard
Oliver HixWendell Grove
Jacey SquiresBernie Nickel
Olin BrittRichard Gibson
Marcellus WashburnDon Webb
Tommy DjilasTom Grove
Marian ParooArden Andreas
Mrs. ParooEleanor Grove
Winthrope ParooCraig Goodwin
Mrs. ShinnMildred Thaden
Gracie ShinnKathryn Rogers
Alma HixPhyllis Parmenter
Maud DunlopJane Cherveny
Ethel ToffelmierYvonne Eckert
Mrs. SquiresBetty Wilson
Constable LockeFred Boggs
Zanetta ShinnJane Stinnett
TownspeopleWorrall Clift, Lester Hogue, George McNeish, Red Lambert, Stu Mossman, Tom Ferris, Bill WIlber Jr, Tony Kaufman, Danny Huckvale, Kari Hassard, Rick Stuber, Jonathan Wooldridge, Kim Cherveny, Venita Vasey, Barbie Schwensen, Debbie Sisson, Marilyn McNeish, Veda Rogers, Carolyn Harrison, Kathryn Workman, Lorraine Rice, Eleanor Richardson, Claire Graham, Frances Kempf, Nancy Priest, Nancy Biddle, Carolyn Rosecrans.
DancersDolly Cook, Kim Rice, Melanie Eslick, Sue Platt, Evelyn Butler, Sue Dutton, Kendra Mossman, Terry Miers, Brian Biggs, Gene Thaden, Bruce Rogers.
LIbrary Piano Lesson

mask spacer  Musicians   mask spacer

ViolinEarl Dungan, Shirley Jarvis, Cheryl Bernard, Ronda Sims, Jennis Manny, Randy Bradley
CelloKaren Bernard, Martha Baker
BassDorothy Evans
FluteCarole Lynes
OboeBecky Dungan
ClarinetJ.J. Banks, Dianne May, Debbie Kelley, April Goodwin
BassoonCharles Forsyth
TrumpetDick Brummett, Lloyd Brummett, Nancy Rhodes
TromboneStan Reimer, Joe Sims, Jim Huddleston
PercussionWarren Wooldridge, Lela Biby
PianoTresia Hassard
Harold and Marion Pick a Little

mask spacer  Production Staff   mask spacer

DirectorBruce Rogers
Musical DirectorDon Gibson
ChoreographyVeda Rogers
Rehearsal PianistTresia Hassard
SetsAnne Graham*, Stanley Graham, Martha Brunton, Lee Hamm, Esther Koiling, Elizabeth Koiling, Annette Koiling, Walter Nichols, Dorothy Berson, Charlotte Gropper.
Stage ManagerPreston Richardson*, Red Lambert, Wayne Cherveny, Stu Mossman, Jim Roscrans, Gil Gentry, Tom Herlocker
PropertiesSheila Ferris, Patty Wooddell, Patty Converse, Jenny Thomas, Joan Kemp, Mary Anne Ries, Martha Jean Liermann, Dorothy Richardson
Lights and SoundBill Wilber*, Virgina Wilber
Make-upJane Lamb*, Coleen Wall, Julie Rhodes, Janis Butler, Kathy Behrhorst, Sharon Terners, Pat Jenkins, Virgil Jenkins
CostumesJean Warren*, Jane Lamb, Kathy Workman, Carolyn Harrison, Veda Rogers, Sherry Lewallen, Jennie Edens
PublicitySue Welch*, Shirley Myer, Phyllis Parmenter
Business ManagerWayne Cherveny
TicketsCarolyn Parker
House ManagementMarquerite Flick*, Kent Collinson
Concession StandDorothy Nickel*, Frances Platt*, Raymond King, Robert Mathews, Evelyn Hess, Warrall Clift, Richard Gibson, Bill Kirkman, Marsha Pontius, Beverly Huffman, Jane Lancaster
UshersCarol Blythe, Debbie Cope, Cathi Edwards, Ruth Huber, Molly Lockhart, Kathy Madison, Laban Moon, Ruth Pringle, Kaellon Shockley, May Vaughn, Terry Weaver


Harold Hill Consipre Train Greek Dance
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