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By William Inge

Directed by Arden Andreas

Feburary 27, 28, March 1, 1969

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The play takes place on Labor Day weekend in the joint backyards of two middle-aged widows. The one house belongs to Flo Owens, who lives there with her two maturing daughters, Madge and Millie, and a boarder who is a spinster school teacher. The other house belongs to Helen Potts, who lives with her elderly and invalid mother. Into this female atmosphere comes a young man named Hal Carter, whose animal vitality seriously upsets the entire group. Hal is a most interesting character, a child of parents who ignored him, self-conscious of his failings and his position behind the eight ball. Flo is sensitively wary of temptations for her daughters. Madge, bored with being only a beauty, sacrifices her chances for a wealthy marriage for the excitement Hal promises. Her sister, Millie, finds her balance for the first time through the stranger's brief attention. And the spinster is stirred to make an issue out of the dangling courtship that has brightened her life in a dreary, minor way.

Produced by special arrangement with Dramatist Play Service

mask spacer  The Cast   mask spacer

Helen PottsSue Welch
Hal CarterJim Bailey
Millie OwensPhyllis Parmenter
BomberTerry Miers
Madge OwensSuzanne Birch
Flo OwensMarianne Ries
Rosemary SydneyCheryl Fruits
Alan SeymourArt Morgan
Irma KronkiteDorothy Dobbs
Christine SchoenwalderPat Johnson
Howard BevansWayne Cherveny
Women's VoiceJane Lamb
Boys' VoicesDavid Andreas, Kevin Cherveny, Eric Andreas

mask spacer  Ernie Higgins and His Happiness Band   mask spacer

Ernie HigginsDick Brummett
SaxophoneTerry Montanden, Marsha Pearce, Mike Wyckoff, Connie Long, Steve Barker, Sonia Nelson
TromboneSteve Wood, Larry Green, Terry weaver, Stan Reimer
TrumpetTrudy Weaver, Mike Blakey, Chris Kaufman
PianoTeresa Hassard
BassDr. George Hassard
DrumsMartin Heffner

mask spacer  Production Staff   mask spacer

DirectorArden Andreas
Stage ManagerErrol Lambert
Assistant to the DirectorSue Platt
Set Design and ConstructionYvonne Eckert
CrewErrol Lambert, Fred Boggs, Bruce Rogers, Preston Richardson, Roy Kempf, Don Webb, Warren Andreas, Tom Herlocker, Gil Gentry, George Markel, John Eckert, Dave Eckert, Ralpha Crow, Mary Beth Dietrich, Dorothy Richardson, Judy Gentry, Charlotte Gropper
PropertiesGennie Thomas*, Martha Jeanne Liermann, Joan Kaufman, Sheila Ferris, Margaret Archer, Eleanor Grove
CostumesJo Boggs*, Mary Brummett, Sally Lambert, Bobbie Schwensen, Pat Sisson, Kathryn Workman
LightsDon Gibson
SoundDon Webb, Bill Wilber, Sr.
Make-upVeda Rogers*, Jane Lamb, Coleen Wall, Lois Hiebert, Sue Platt, Pat Jenkins
PublicityGeorge Markel*, Jim Butler, Eleanor Richardson, Maurine Hogue
ProgramLoyette Olson
TicketsClaire Graham, Betty Wilson
House ManagerMarguerite Flick, Leoti Newland
Concession Stand DesignMarilyn Albright, Eleanor Richardson
ConcessionsFrances Platt*, Martie King, Margaret Archer, Judy Barbour, Marcie Clester, Keven Cherveny, David Andreas, Jean Warren
Marquess DesignFred Boggs
UshersJane Lee Clift*, Robbin Ferris, Shawn Emerson, Jane Wakefield, Jill Sweetland, Ellen Sisson, Karen King, Carol Ann Wright, Kathleen Cole, Bonnie Bergdall, Beverly Olson, Kate Ries, Joan St. Peter

* Denotes Chairperson

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