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A Midsummer's Night Dream

by William Shakespeare

Directed by Avi Seaver

July 14-16, 21-23, 1972

faries King and Queen

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William Shakespeare's classic tale of lovers and the King and Queen of Fairies. In the forest, a young couple are running away followed by the two they are suppose to marry. At the same time, a group of trade people are rehearsing their play for the King's wedding. Both groups find themselves in the middle of the King and Queen of Fairies latest fight. By dawn, the queen will have falling in love with one of the mechanics (who is wearing an ass's head), and the young lovers situation will be even more confused

Queen and Bottom King and Puck

mask spacer  The Cast   mask spacer

TheseusMike Horsch
EyeusRandy Miller
LysanderSusan Johns
DemetriusKay Behrhorst
PhilostrateMary Horsch
QuinceLisa Kittle
SnugCindy Harding
BottomBrian Wise
FluteCindy Biel
SnoutRobin Terris
StarvelingLinda Biel
HippolutaPam Phillips
HermiaGretchen Boyd
HelenaCarla Connett
OberonAvi Seaver
PuckMarianne Morris
Pease-BlossomCozettea Crawford
CobwebCarol Steinbach
MothKaty Husted
Mustard-SeedKelly Garren
Changling BoyBrent Orr
TitaniaStephanie Ratliff
First FairyBarbara Feaster
Second FairyLiza Drolt
Attendants to HippolyaLori Kempf, Julia Horsch, Mary Flowers
Oberon's FairiesTed Behrhorst, Mark Bossi, Paul Soule, Kevin White, Lori Lazelle, Julie Flick, Kimi Potter, Sarah Potter, Sarah Wilke, Tamra Wood, Deborah Cales, Robin Garren, Ricky Neubecker, Susan Wilke
Titania's FairiesTheresa Thomas, Kristi Husted, Ann Boyd, Robin Neubecker, Lisa Halverstadt
Signing FairiesTracy Flick, Clarissa Crawford, Marva McNeish, Blake Orr Jenna White

mask spacer  Production Staff   mask spacer

DirectorAvi Seaver
Student DirectorNancy Brummett
Costume DesignVirginia Boyd
LightsButch Wilber
SoundVenita Vasey
Make-UpJane Lamb
Fairy Lovers
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