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The Odd Couple

by Neil Simon

Directed by Betty Gibson

December 3-5, 1970

Couch potato Ladies Night

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The weekly poker game is on at Oscar's apartment. The place is a mess, the food is inedible, and meticulous Felix is missing. When they discover that he and his wife have separated, the guys are concerned that Felix might commit suicide. To their relief, he shows up safe and depressed. By the end of the evening, Oscar and Felix are roommates. Their friendship comes under a major strain. However, they soon learn they are better friends living apart.

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

Everyone Crying Cigars

mask spacer  The Cast   mask spacer

SpeedBill Wilber
MurrayTom Herlocker
RoyDon Gibson
VinnieDon Wilson
OscarWarren Andreas
FelixWayne Cherveny
CecilyCheryl Fruits
GwendolynSharon Sheflar
Looking Pigeon Sisters

mask spacer  Production Staff   mask spacer

DirectorBetty Gibson
Assistant to the DirectorJane Cherveny
SetsCarole Nahnsen-Design, Tom Bossi*, Errol Lambert, Tom Nahnsen, Gil Gentry, Libby Clifford, Roy Kempf, Kim Rice, Jime Hale, Kathy McMillan, Milly Meyer, Robert Meyer
CostumesNorma Bossi
PropertiesGennie Thomas*, Margaret Archer, Norma Bossi, Joan Kaufman, Veda Rogers
Lights and SoundBill Wilber, Jr.*, Virginia Wilber
Make-upJane Lamb*, Noemi Mesourex, Libby Clifford
Publicity and PromotionArden Andreas
ProgramsDon Wilson
PostersStorme Maynard
House ManagementRoy Kempf, Fran Kempf
Display SignsRoy Kempf
Concession StandWorrall Clift, Jane Clift
LobbyDorothy Richardson*, Trudy Knowles, Libby Clifford


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