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Cactus Flower

By Abe Burrows

Directed by Betty Wilson

March 4, 5, 6 and 7, 1976

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A dentist stays single by telling his many girl friends that he is married and has three children. This backfires when he falls in love and asks the lady to marry him. She demands to see his wife and the children whose home she has been wrecking. He has to produce a wife and then children to assuage the girlfriend's conscience. He turns to his nurse for the first role and she blossoms like a cactus flower the moment she steps out of her starched uniform. "You will find the jokes fast and funny, the situation becoming funnier as the play skips along." N.Y. Times .

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

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Toni SimmonsRobyn Dyck
Igor SullivanRex Roberts
Stephanie DickisonJane Laugham
Mrs. Dixon DurantDorothy Durbin
Dr. Julian WinstonNed Graham
Harvey GreenfieldDick Davis
Senor Arturo SanchezNorman Albright
Music LoverRuth Ann Yeary
WaiterJason Keayon
Rothgellius SpringtimeMolly Ahlerich
CustomerJudy Gentry
Production picture

mask spacer  Production Staff   mask spacer

DirectorBetty Wilson
Director's AssistantJudy Gentry
Set DesignMarilyn Albright
Set ConstructionDon Wilson, Tom Boss, Gil Gentry, Tom Herlocker, Jerry Yeary, Ruth Ann Yeary, Bill Tharp, Wayne Chervany, Warren Andreas, Tom Wilson
PropertiesGinger Thomas, Marilyn Albright, Claire Graham, Margaret Archer, Norma Bossi, Peggy Kindt, Nancy Priest, Judy Herlocker, Barbie Combs, Marilyn Folk, Ruth Ann Yeary, Ann Davies, Marilyn Taylor, Jane Chervany, Judy Barbour, Mary Harris, Dorothy Dobbs, Don Wilson, Gil Gentry, Tom Bossi, Tom Herlocker, Molly Ahlerich
LightingJason Keayon, Tom McCollom
Make-upJame Lamb, Nicki Robbins, Edie Ele
PublicityHal Reed, Sue Welch, Phil Pudden, Brian Biggs
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