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No Mother to Guide Her

By Anthony Forsythe

Directed by Patrick Streck

May 1-3, 8-10, 1975

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Audiences love this takeoff of an old fashioned melodrama! When a beautiful young girl is found on the walk outside the Vandenburgh home, she is carried inside. She is suffering from a complete loss of memory. I dentification in her purse reveals only that her name is Spring Overton. That black hearted rogue, Talbot Twillingham, takes one glance at the chaste young heroine and decides that she will be chased as well. He reckons without the presence of a manly hero, Casper Vandenburgh. When Spring repulses Talbot's advances he shoots old Sylverster Vandenburgh and places the blame on Spring. Talbot drugs Spring with a rare poison. Of course Spring is rescued in the nick of time by Casper. Folks everywhere revel in hissing the scoundrel and cheering the hero.

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French

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mask spacer  The Cast   mask spacer

Augusta WarrinerJane Lamb
FifiRicki Estes
Effie VanderburghMary Harris
HadleyDave Yearout
Sylvester VondenburghSteve Turner
Jennifer HarveyMarilyn Taylor
Talbot TwillinghamDan Freeman
Caspar VanderburghHal Reed
Spring OvetonMarilyn Schmitz
Cora PhelanDorothy Dobbs
Baxter SeekerJohn Craft
Lottie SteelerNancy Jarvis

mask spacer  The Olios   mask spacer

DirectorJudy Gibson
Master of CeremoniesWayne Cherveny
His AssistantPamela Biggs
Special PianistJames Strand
Olio AccompanistMerlene Waltner
Four RosesDonna Beth Blythe, Judy Gibson, Carlyn Strand, Veda Rogers
Profesor FantasticWarrall Clift, Libby and Marty Gibson
Dobbsy TwinsDorothy Dobbs, Ned Graham
Speak EasysBernie Nickel, David Watters, Lester Hogue, Richard Gibson
Prudence Priscilla PoppletonMisty Maynard
Little Debbie DebutanteDebra Patton
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mask spacer  Production Staff   mask spacer

DirectorPatrick Streck
Assitant DirectorWendy Freeman
Production ManagerClaire Graham
Set ContructionTom Herlocker*, Denny Herlocker, Tom Bossi, Gil Gentry, Marilyn Albright, Gretchen Herlocker, Judy Herlocker, Ned Graham, Katy and Jennie Herlocker
PropsSharon Bonewell*, Jenny Hauber, Peggy Kindt, Norma Bossi, Margaret Archer, Betty Wilson, Ann Davies, Nancy Priest
CostumesTricia Yearout*, Susan Hill, Judy Gentry
Make-UpRicki Estes, Jane Lamb, Edie Ele, Nicki Robbins
LightsDon Gibson (design), Dick Davies, Rick Davies, Wayne Cherveny, Ned Graham
ProgramDon WIlson, Wendy Freeman (design)
Concessions and HouseMr and Mrs Worrall Clift*, Mr and Mrs Dave Fell, Mr and Mrs Harry Shetlar, Mr and Mrs Larry Schuster, Mr and Mrs Chris Rogers, Mr and Mrs Don WIlson, Mr and Mrs Dave Hill
Cotton CandyTom Bossi
PublicityEleanor Richardson*, Jody Streck, Robert Hubbard, Bill Boulware, Jim Flower, Tim Otte

* Denotes Chairperson

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