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The Last Of The Red Hot Lovers

By Neil Simon

Directed by Betty Wilson

March 8-11, 1979

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Barney Cashman at the age of 47 wants to join the sexual revolution before it's too late, but Barney Cashman is a gentle sober soul with a true blue wife of 23 years and absolutely no experience in adultery, so he fails in each of three seductions. First he tries a flaunting sexpot who likes cigarettes, whiskey and husbands other than her own. Barney is not properly set up for such compulsions, especially in his mother's apartment, so he flunks the course. But he's got a better idea; a kooky actress friend should be just the ticket. But she turns madder than a hatter. So that leaves his wife's best friend. But unfortunately the friend is a sternly driven moralist who sees sin round every bend. Obviously Barney was born to failure.

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French.

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Barney CashmanDick Davies
Elaine NavazioCheryl Higgins
Bobbi MicheleSandy Hynes
Jeanette FisherEleanor Richardson
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DirectorBetty Jones
Director's AssistantLois Hiebert
Set ConstructionDon Wilson, Ned Graham, Claire Graham, Norman Albright, Marilyn Albright, Jerry Yeary, Diane Detter, Tom Herlocker, Donna Wilson, Tom Wilson, Norma Wilson, Gil Gentry, Frank Barrese
Publicity and ProgramHal Reed, Eleanor Richardson, Katie Herlocker, Terri McArtor
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