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The Women

By Claire Booth Luce

Directed by Mary Harris

October 25-27, 1979

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The author carries us through a number of varied scenes and shows us not only a somewhat unflattering picture of womanhood, but digging under the surface, reveals a human understanding for and sympathy with some of its outstanding figures. The plot involves the efforts of a group of women to play their respective roles in an artificial society that consists of vain show, comedy, tragedy, hope and disappointment.

Produced by special arrangement with Dramatist Play Service.

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JaneRuth Ann Yeary
NancyAnn Davies
Peggy DayLinda Wilson
Sylvia FowlerMary McCullough
Edith PotterAnn Durbin
Mary HainesJudy Gentry
Countress de LangeJane Lamb
HairdresserLisa Halverstadt
PedicuristBecky Yeary
OlgaLaura Weidman
EuphieEdie Ele
Miriam AaronsJane Casebolt
Little MaryKarla Cherveny
Mrs. MoreheadLois Hiebert
First SalesgirlBecky Yeary
Second SalesgirlLisa Halverstadt
Head SaleswomanLaura Weidman
Second SaleswomanMarjorie Halverstadt
Princess TamaraJane Casebolt
Crystal AllenCarla Eillison
Exercise InstructorLinda Carroll
MaggieBetty Wilson
Miss WattsMary McCullough
LucyNorma Miller
HeleneBecky Yeary
Girl in DistressPhyllis Parmenter
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mask spacer  Production Staff   mask spacer

DirectorMary Harris
Production ManagersRuth Ann Yeary, Betty Wilson
Set ConstructionMike Wilson*, Jack Harris, Tom Bossi, Jerry Yeary, Wayne Cherveny, Gregg Little, Del Holdeman, Gil Gentry, Marilyn Albright, Claire Graham, Ray Downing, Randy Miller, Bill Tharp, Craig Duncan, Marge Depoe, Don Wilson, Tom Herlocker, Ned Graham, Ken Brown, Dan Durbin, The Cat
PublicityDiane Wahto*, Geoff Bohling, Charles Elder
Poster and Program DesignMark Patrick
Lights and SoundJack Harris, Gregg Little Wayne Cherveny
CostumesJane Cherveny*, Judy Gentry, Vera Fiske, Jean Warren, Louise Albright, Lois Hiebert, the Cast
PropsNorma Miller*, Linda carroll, Becky Yeary, Lisa Halverstadt, Randy Miller, Day Downing, Sue Kennedy, Donna Hiddle, Evelyn Coombs, Bill Tharp
Make-UpJane Lamb
PhotographyDiane Wahto, Monty Drennon
CoiffuresLove Hair Fashions and Aquarius Boutiques

*Denotes Chairperson

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