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The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

By Barbara Robinson

Directed by Mary Jarvis and Karen Platter

December 6-9, 1984

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In this hilarious Christmas tale, a couple struggling to put on a church Christmas pageant is faced with casting the Herdman kids-- probably the most inventively awful kids in history. You won't believe the mayhem-- and the fun-- when the Herdmans collide with the Christmas story head on!

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French.

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FatherFerenc Relle
MotherCheryl Higgins
Beth BradleyJoy Hinkel
Charlie BradleyGabriel Sowder
Ralph HerdmanMatt Wombacher
Imogene HerdmanKim Jennings
Leroy HerdmanAndy Stowe
Claude HerdmanChristopher King
Gladys HerdmanAdriene Taylor
Ollie HerdmanBryan Maier
Alice WendlekenSarah Holdeman
Mrs. ArmstrongJane Lamb
Mrs. McCarthyPat White
Mrs. SlocumAnn Durbin
Mrs. ClarkJulie Maltby
Mrs. ClausingNita Ward
MaxineMuffy Blake
Elmer HopkinsDarren Womacks
HobiePatrick Ross
DavidGrant Denny
ShirleyMonica Relle
JuanitaGina Godsey
DorisTonya Neal
BeverlySarah Wombacher
Janet Leslie Higgins
RobertaDeanie Platter
Rev. HopkinsSteve Hopkins
FiremenLance Hopkins, Bob McConnell
Choir MembersPenny Bioedel, Peggy Bicker, Laura Buterbough, Beth Humpert, Rebecca James, Buffy Sawyer, Betsy Vratil
Baby AngelsCarrie Bioedel, Darcie Dickerson, Robin MCConnell, Nick Belle, Theresa Weeks, Tommy Weeks, Joshua White
Additional SheperdAndy Wombacher
Program GirlsAmanda Maltby, Cherri Ward, Heather Ward
PianistKaren Platter
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mask spacer  Production Staff   mask spacer

DirectorsMary Jarvis, Karen Platter
SetsPhil Jarvis, Ron Calvin, Janet Calvin, Heather Calvin
Outdoor SceneLois Fife, Irl Fife, Mary Hutto
Stained Glass WindowElizabeth Spencer
CostumesBilly Wells, Cast, Parents
LightsMarilyn Albright, Claire Graham
PropsJanet Calvin
Publicity DesignBette Salm
PublicityPat White, Enid Collinson, Janet Servier
HouseAnn Durbin
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