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Book and Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner
Music by Frederick Loewe

Directed by Bob Conners and Norman Callison


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"Once in the Highlands, the Highlands of Scotland, two weary hunters lost their way." It is this desolate situation which Tommy Albright and Jeff Douglas, two young New Yorkers, are contemplating when the curtain rises on a misty glen in Scotland. As the two exhausted men reflect on what they have forsaken in the States for their present predicament, a lift in the Highland veil reveals to them the awakening village of Brigadoon; a village which comes into being for only one day in each century. The strained and strange greetings of the villagers bedecked in 18th century costumes, who have gathered in the market square to sell their wares and to discuss the final wedding preparations of Jeannie MacLaren and the boyish Charlie Dalrymple, are softened for Tommy by his encounter with Jeannie's lovely sister, Fiona, and enlivened for Jeff by his reluctant entanglement with the maid, Meg Brockie. The blissful occasion is momentarily tinged with gloom when the fate of Brigadoon is threatened by Harry Beaton, Jeannie's rejected suitor. And Tommy, now burdened with the knowledge of Brigadoon's secret and enraptured by the gentle charms of the beautiful Fiona, is confronted with the choice of remaining forever at the side of the Scottish lass or returning to the unsatisfying world familiar to him. At the close of the day he is still unable to commit himself without d oubt or regret to Fiona and to Brigadoon, and leaves with Jeff for America. Restless and unhappy in New York, Tommy finally yields to the haunting memory of Fiona and, guided by the faith and strength of his love, finds his way back to Brigadoon.   

Produced by special arrangement with Tams-Witmark Music Library.

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mask spacer  The Cast   mask spacer

Tommy AlbrightLarry Williams
Jeff DouglasGreg Teachman
Fiona MacLarenRita Conners
Jean MacLarenNikki Jarvis
Andrew MacLarenMike Wilson
Archie BeatonPhil Jarvis
Harry BeatonMark Meyer
Mr. LundieKent Collinson
Charlie DalrympleBob McConnell
Angus MacGuffieGregg Little
Sandy DeanLee Stocker
Meg BrockieRoxy Callison
FrankPete Wood
Stuart DalrympleMarvin Dryden
KateJill McConnell
Jane AshtonLori Heine
MacGuffie ClanJessie Callison, Judy King, Dawn Lockyear, Amy Stocker, Kathy Stocker, Russ Stocker, Renee Swearington, Diane Wahto, Marvin Dryden, Gregg Little
Dalrymple ClanBob McConnell, Amanda Callison, Fred Darkow, Stuart Graham, Judy Gray, imi Houghton, Teresa Levelle, Phyllis Parmenter, Randi Proft, Tom Scales
McMillan ClanCathy Baskerville, Deborah Dove, Sonya Haynes, Kathy Heiman, Loretta King, Wendy King, John Snyder, Tom Williams
McCleod ClanAggie Callison, Brendan Jarvis, Mary Jarvis, Pat Johnson, Gail Ranger, Bill Tharp, Bruce Ranger, Heather Ranger
MacLaren ClanMike Wilson, Maria Conners, Rita Conners, Nikki Jarvis
Beaton ClanPhil Jarvis, Justin MacFarland, Roxy Callison, Mike Meyer
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mask spacer  Production Staff   mask spacer

DirectorsRobert Conners, Norman Callison
Music DirectorsWarren Wooldridge, Roxy Callison, Jean Wooddell
ConductorRoss Williams
Production ManagerMagda Nelson
Rehearsal AssistantJean Wooddell
ChoreographyBob Conners, Nikki Jarvis, Lana Lowe
Sets DesignArdith Fell
Set CrewMike Fell, Penny Fell, Andrew West, Larry Devore, Dwight Ramsey, Allen Leffew, Nancy Hinson, Laura Weidman, Lois Hiebert, Maxine Medley, Virginia Boyd, Judy Miller, Sandy Hynes, Eugene Hynes
Costume DesignersJo Ellen Little, Tim Ehmke
Costume CrewCarolyn Dove, Loretta King, Maggie Nelson, Molly Ahlerich, Jane Lamb, Betsy Harden, Gladys Clark, Susie Taylor, Virginia Boyd, Norma Miller, Lois Hiebert, Dena Westenfeld
Cast AssistantsJudy Gray, Renee Swearington, Lori Heine, Judy king, Kathy Stocker, Jill McConnell, Gregg Little, Tom Williams
Lighting EngineerJScott Lockyear
Lighting CrewTim Morton, Mike Dove
PropertiesJane Rogers, Ann Durbin, Jow Mazurier
Make-UpJane Lamb, George Lancaster
PublicityJudy White, Tim Fruits

mask spacer  Musicians   mask spacer

ViolinEarl Dugan, Madeline Norland, Teri Andreas
CelloLois Livengood, Antje Lawry
String BassJohn McDaniel
Flute Rae Lynne Hill
OboeGeorge McNeish
ClarinetJJ Banks, Robert Deamer
BassoonMary Jo Horn
French HornDoug Dungan, Kim Uyesato
TromboneFred Humpert
TrumpetAllen Krause, John Richmond
PercussionTim Morton
PianoJean Wooddell
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