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Pure As The Driven Show

or A Working Girl's Secret

By Paul Loomis

Directed by Gerald Reynolds

June 2, 3, 4, 9, 10 and 11, 1988

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On a dark and stormy night Purity Dean, a working girl with a secret, seeks shelter from the storm in a Vermont inn. She's been forced to give up her canning factory job as she can no longer endure black hearted Mortimer Frothingham's attentions. Working as a maid at the inn, she falls in love with the brave Leander, who works in a pickle factory. But Mortimer still pursues Purity and will win her by fair or foul means. And so he begins his campaign of villainy. He locks our hero, Leander, in a room with a time bomb. He escapes in the nick of time, but Mortimer's disappeared. Heavily disguised, he returns and Purity's treated to more double dealing and double crossing. Naturally Virtue eventually triumphs. Purity's secret is discovered, bringing her great wealth and happiness with Leander.

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc

mask spacer  The Cast   mask spacer

Zamah LoganNita Ward
Jonathon LoganArlan Anglemyer
Ethelinda HewlittJane Lamb
Alison HewlittDenise "Robbie" Robinson
Leander LongfellowJohn Warring
Purity DeanJulie Miles
Mortimer FrothinghamRandy Chrisler
Jed LunnLarry Hooper
Eric "E.Z." PickensLarry Loomis
Imogene PickensMichele "Mickey" Fornaro
Faith HogueJoyce Gilley
Letty BarberCarly Stanton
Nellie MorrisJanet Calvin
At the PianoKaren Hopkins
Master of CeremoniesJack Harker

mask spacer  Production Staff   mask spacer

DirectorGerald Reynolds
Set DesignerRon Calvin
Lighting DirectorCheryl Grindol
Back DropRaymond Keady, Joyce Gilley
Sound EffectsArlan Anglemyer
LightsHeather Ward
SoundBeth Land, Heather Ward
CostumesThe Cast
PublicityRon Calvin, Kathy Miller, The Cast
Make-upJane Lamb, The Cast
Road SignBeth Lind, Jame Lamb, Robbie Robinson
Program GirlHeather Ward
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