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Deadly Ernest

By Donald Payton

Directed by Larry Junker

April, 1996


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There's nothing startling or arresting or even unusual about the name "Ernest" except to Henry Gilcrest. It all started when Henry's boss fires him, his girlfriend flat-out dumps him, and Aunt Ethel orders him from her house because he hadn't paid his rent. Poor, homeless, girl-less, jobless Henry spends the night in the part and meets Mr. Bumpus, to whom he pours out his troubles to. Bumpus tells Henry he has a friend names "Ernest" who for a mere $17.83 will put him out of his misery. After paying the money, Henry goes back to find all the wrongs have been righted and life is good again. Except that everyone he meets from there on out is names "Ernest". This is a rapid-fire frolic with a clever finish.

Produced by special arrangement with Heuer Publishing, LLC.

mask spacer  The Cast   mask spacer

Henry GilcrestDavid Andreas
Aunt EthelJulia Lambert
MargieCate Monaghan
PumpkinAmanda Krueger
JillTeresa Weeks
GladysBrandi Lockwood
Aunt StellaMiMi Vega
ClarissaMelody Kruger
ErnestineMary Weeks
Ernie SapperArlan Anglemyer
Mr. BumpusWarren Andreas
SleepyWayne King
C.E. GrimmGeorge Lancaster
Dr. D. ErnestJoe Wilson

mask spacer  Production Staff   mask spacer

DirectorLarry Junker
Special AssitantRon Calvin
Stage DirectorPeggy Williams
CostumingJanet Calvin, Melody Krueger
Set Construction The Cast
Poster DesignRon Calvin
Lighting and SoundKris Junker
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