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God's Favorite

By Neil Simon

Directed by Ron Calvin

Spring, 1998

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Neil Simon's actually made a funny play from the Book of Job transferring the scene to a Long Island mansion where resides a tycoon, his wife, a prodigal son, and a pair of kookie twins. Then one night a messenger from God enters with a big G on his sweatshirt. Our modern Job won't renounce God, so a fire is sent to wipe him out factory and home. Everything becomes a test of his faith, including his family. He tries listing his prodigal son's qualities and can't think of any. His wife asks him how he can love a God who makes him suffer and he says his prodigal son makes him suffer and he loves him. He believes he's been chosen to show how much a man can love God. He gets an itch, then, neuralgia, tennis elbow and hemorrhoids. Having lost everything, God in the form of the messenger answers him. The messenger admits losing and asks for a letter of recommendation.

Produced by special arrangement with Dramatist Play Service.

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Joe BenjaminDavid Andreas
Ben BenjaminMatt Reed
Sarah BenjaminJoanna Rogers
Rose BenjaminJanet Calvin
David BenjaminBill Flippo, Sr.
MadyMickey Chrisler
MorrisArlan Anglemyer
Sidney LiptonNed I. Graham

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