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The Petrified Forest

By Robert Sherwood

Directed by Bob Hartung

February 20, 21, 27, and 28, 1998


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Gabby Maple is a young girl who wants to see the world, but necessity compels her to work as a waitress in the middle of the Arizona desert. Out of the desert comes Alan Squier, a disillusioned sophisticate on his way to the Petrified Forest, which to him symbolizes self-destruction, the only answer he can find to living in a pointless world. He pauses at the restaurant to sympathize with Gabby's dreams, then decides to help her realize them by leaving her his life insurance. When the restaurant empties, gangsters, looking for a hideout, enter and take possession. Alan amuses himself by philosophizing with the criminals, who in the end oblige the suicidal Alan by shooting him. The desperadoes make their escape as Gabby contemplates the death of Alan and the fact that she'll have to bury him, where he wanted to die, in the Petrified Forest.

Produced by special arrangement with Dramatist Play Service.

mask spacer  The Cast   mask spacer

Gramp MapleGeorge Lancaster
Boze HertzlingerClint Rogers
Telephone LinemanKent Rowland
Another LinemanJohn Reed
Jason MapleLarry Junker
Gabby MapleCate Monaghan
PaulaAutumn Monoghan
Alan SquireDavid Andreas
Mr. ChisholmLarry Loomis
Mrs. ChisholmKathy Jefferies
JosephEd Manga
JackieBill Flippo
Duke ManteeWarren Andreas
RubyMatt Reed
PylesClayton Crawford
Legion CommanderRon Calvin
Another LegionnaireKent Collinson
SheriffBob Hartung
DeputyBill Flippo, Jr.
Radio AnnouncerKent Rowland
Production pic

mask spacer  Production Staff   mask spacer

DirectorBob Hartung
Asst. DirectorMiMi Vega
Special EffectsBill Flippo, Sr., Bill Dunnell III
Sound TechnicianKent Rowland
Lighting TechnicianKris Junker
Set DesignBob Hartung
Set ConstructionLarry Junker, Bill Flippo, Sr., Clint Rogers, Bob Hartung, Bill Flippo, Jr., Kent Rowland
CostumesMary Weeks
Make-UpMary Weeks, MiMi Vega
PropsKris Junker, Bob Hartung, Bill Dunnell, Jr., Bill Flippo
PublicityJohn Dalton, MiMi Vega, Bob Hartung
Posters and ProgramsJohn Dalton
RoadsignJohn Dalton, MiMi Vega
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