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Run for Your Wife

By Ray Cooney

Directed by Julia Lambert

April 18, 19, 25 and 26, 1997

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This superb example of the British farce had them rolling in the aisles in London and New York. A taxi driver gets away with having two wives in different areas of London because of his irregular working schedule. Complication is piled upon complication as the cabby tries to keep his double life from exploding.

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French.

mask spacer  The Cast   mask spacer

Mary SmithMiMi Vega
Barbara SmithMickey Chrisler
John SmithJim Karasek
Det Sergeant FroughtonBill Flippo, Sr
Stanley GardnerRon Jordan
ReporterNola Brown
Det Sergeant PorterhouseGeorge Lancaster
Bobby FranklynChris Rogers

mask spacer  Production Staff   mask spacer

DirectorJulia Lambert
Assistant DirectorJanet Calvin
Stage ManagerMelody Krueger
Lights and SoundLarry Junker
SetsLarry Junker, Bill Flippo, Julia Lambert, Janet Calvin, MiMi Vega, Nola Brown, Jahna Brown, Melody Krueger, Mickey Chrisler
PropsJulia Lambert, Melody Krueger, Janet Calvin, Mickey Chrisler, Wichita Public Library, Jim Karasek, MiMi Vega, 1st National Bank
Publicity CrewJohn Dalton, MiMi Vega, Ron Calvin
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