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The White Christmas

By Amanda Krueger

Directed by Amanda Krueger

December 17, 18 and 19, 1998

Presented at Messenger Hall, Southwestern College

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It's Christmas Eve in South Texas and Peter's little brother Joey isn't getting any better in the hospital. When Joey makes a Christmas wish for it to snow, Peter thinks it's impossible and needs a little hope. That is what Peter gets when magically the Christmas Tree angel comes to life, introduces herself as Hope and takes Peter on a wild quest for a white Christmas. Along the way they meet Father Time and his Clocks, The Ice Princess and her Snowflakes, The Fire Prince and his Flames and even Mother Nature herself! With the help of Peter's newfound friends little Joey awakes Christmas morning to see snowflakes floating down outside his hospital window and Peter learns that wishes can come true if you just have hope. 

Master of Ceremonies - Larry Junker

Thursday December 17th - The Classy Brass

Friday December 18thh - Colla Voce

Saturday December 19th -Trinity Lutheran Bell Choir

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mask spacer  The Cast   mask spacer

PeterKeegan Krueger
NurseJenna Krueger
JoeyChase Reed
MomStephanie Anglemyer
HopeSarah Weeks
Father TimeEric Lowery
Claire the ClockMicah Bell
Cloey the ClockMadilyn Drake
Ice PrincessJosi Jones
Susie the SnowflakeMeg Drake
Sally the SnowflakeColleen Parnel
Sissy the SnowflakeJenni Jones
Sidney the SnowflakeAmy Maloy
Fire PrinceKoby Russell
Frank the FlameJohn Russell
Floyd the FlameAllen Lehmann
Felix the FlameTony Gropper
Fred the FlameLogan Roberts
Mother NatureMelody Krueger
Flora the FlowerHalley Maloy
Florence the FlowerAmanda Lehmann
Felicia the FlowerAnn Heidi Reed
Roxy the RaccoonCarmella Diaz-Lolar
Renae the RabbitJordan Kistler
Lyle the LionJoshua Turner
Alan the AlligatorCody Hanna
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mask spacer  Production Staff   mask spacer

DirectorAmanda Krueger
WCT LiaisonJulia Lambert
Production CoordinatorMelody Krueger
Stage ManagerMary Weeks
Set, Costume, Make-up DesignAmanda Krueger
SetsAmanda Krueger, Keegan Krueger, Melody Kruger, Terry Krueger, Vern Hull, Matt Reed, Stephanie Anglemyer, Eric Lowery
CostumesAmanda Krueger, Melody Krueger, Mary Weeks, Sue Krueger
Make-up MistressLaura Peacock
Lighting and SoundJulia Lambert
Stage CrewMary Weeks, Matt Reed, Cindy Venn
Make-up CrewMeghan Hoffman, Josi Jones
Property MasterTerry Krueger
Prop CrewKeegan Krueger
Publicity and ProgramsJohn Dalton
Production pic Production pic
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