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Dracula With A Twist

By Julia Lambert based on characters from Bram Stoker's Dracula. Concept created by Julia Lambert and KC Fitzsimmmon

Directed by Julia Lambert

October 17 and 18, 24 and 25, 2003

mask spacer   The Story  mask spacer

This is a mystery story which is peopled by the characters created by Bram Stoker but it is based upon different assumptions. First, there are no vampires. Next, Dracula is the dupe of a very evil person. Finally, the entire scenario is a cover up for a double murder. All the characters who die in Stoker's original story will die in this rendition but for very different reasons.

mask spacer  The Cast and Crews   mask spacer

Count Vladimir DraculaBill M Flippo, Sr.
Jonathan HarkerShelby Miller
Mina Murry HarkerJulie Woodring
Lucy WestenraCharlie McPherson
Mrs. WestenraPeggy Thomas
R.M. RenfieldBill M Flippo, Sr
Arthur HolmwoodRon Jordan
Dr. Jacqueline SewardApril Patton
Quincey P MorrisDavid Andreas
Professor von HelsingArlan Anglemyer
Dracula SisterSharon Krusemark
Dracula SisterEmily Barnhill
Gypsies & AttendantsJonathan Krusemark
Lucas Smith
Assistant DirectorTeresa Wickersham
Stage ManagerLori Jordan
Properties MistressPeggy Thomas
Costume MistressGenny Flippo
Lighting & Sound TechnicianDavid Krusemark
MakeupRene Webb
Publicity/Programs/PostersJohn Dalton
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