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Flaming Idiots

By Tom Rooney

Directed by David Andreas

April 16 and 17, 23 and 24, 2004

 Rehearsal  photo

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Carl and Phil decide that the ladder to success at the post office is missing a few rungs. They know that big money is waiting for people with entrepreneurial spirit and sound business judgment. They have lots of the spirit but little of the judgment and their new gourmet health food restaurant flounders. Zippy's, a popular cross-town spot, has been crowded ever since Cy Manamalancia, a notorious mobster, was shot there--and that was over twenty years ago. What if someone could get murdered in their restaurant? "Flaming Idiots" is a contemporary farce which takes place entirely in a restaurant kitchen.

"Flaming Idiots" was a co-winner of the 1992 New American Comedy Festival presented by the Ukiah Players Theatre, Ukiah, California.

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PhilRon Jordan
CarlDavid Andreas
TaskBill Flippo
EugeneJim Karasek
ErnestoDr David Schmeidler
BernadetteWanda Andreas
Jayne FrymanRene Webb
LouieWarren Andreas
John DoeShelby Miller