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Delval Divas

by Barbara Pease Weber

Directed by Rene Webb

August 19, 20, 26 and 27, 2005

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Stella Wild, MBA, Rosemary Adams, JD.MBA, Linda Robertson, MD, PhD, and Beth Ziegler, MBA have some things in common. Beside being educated, successful professional women, they also share the same address. It isn't a swanky high-rise apartment building or beach-front condo. They reside at the Delaware Valley Federal Correctional Facility, a low level security prison for white and "pink" collar criminals. With the warden in one pocket and their cell block guard in the other, the Divas continue to indulge in their lavish and luxurious lifestyles until Beth is prematurely released and a murderess moves in her place. Adding insult to injury, the Department of Corrections has announced its intentions to close Delval and move the inmates to the less than glamorous Black Rock Federal prison. This comedy is making its Mid-west premier at WCT after its initial debut in Philadelphia in 2004.

Presented by permission of Baker's Plays.

Delval Divas Delval Divas

mask spacer  The Cast   mask spacer

RosemaryToma Foster
BethMelody Krueger
StellaJulia Lambert
LindaTracy LaValley
LucilleVicki Schafer
SharonRobbie Reynolds
Delval Divas Delval Divas

mask spacer  Production Staff   mask spacer

DirectorRene Webb
Assistant DirectorMark Eastman
Lights and SoundRick Eastman, Arlan Anglemyer
Set DesignMark Eastman, Rene Webb
Set ConstructionArlan Anglemyer, Mark Eastmans, Melody Krueger, Julia Lambert, Tracy LeValley, David Reynolds, Robbie Reynolds, Vicki Schafer, Rene Webb
Stage ManagerDavid Andreas
Assistant Stage ManagerEmily Barnhill
House ManagerDr. David schmeidler
Program Graphic DesignVicki Schafer
Poster DesignRene Webb
Poster DistributionJame Lamb, Mark Eastman, John Dalton, Melody Kruger, Robbie Reynolds, Tracey LeValley, Vicki Schafer, Toma Foster
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